He was lying in a hospital bed awaiting surgery after being run over by a car, yet he rejoiced. Far from what I expected, “David’s” resolve was firm. He determined to get through this unexpected near fatal interruption because he chose to focus on what was still good in his life.

As he pressed the button for a dose of morphine, he did not speak of his physical pain. Instead, David spoke of that for which he was grateful. Though he could have died, David found strength in focusing on the blessings in his life.

“Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say rejoice,” (Phil 4:4).  Writing from a prison cell, the apostle Paul encouraged his readers to not just focus on what was still right in their world, but to rejoice in the Lord…always. Why? Choosing to focus on not only what is still right but on the Lord challenges our thinking. To rejoice in the Lord our thoughts must rise above our problems and focus on the One who suffered death for us and is now able to keep us through all of life’s sorrows. We can choose to rejoice in God’s love that is still evident all around us. Go ahead and try. Take a look around. Can you not see hints of God’s presence, and indications that God has not left you? Choose to believe you are loved. Rejoice!