Try flying.

For years I have loved the view from 10, 000 + feet above ground. Somehow everything seems clearer up there. No cell phone reception, devices off, no movies needed for me…just the feeling of soaring above it all somehow settles and refocuses me. Even when it’s overcast from ground view, I am bathed in the sun that still shines above it all.

My favorite seat? Window of course! Just gazing at the view everything that perplexes me seems to make sense. That’s when all that clutters and clouds my mind gets organized and finds clear expression. My problems appear much smaller as I consider the birds eye view of it all.

Have you ever seen how cars and trucks appear as you soar overhead? They are so tiny from above it all, yet when on the road, everything looks so much bigger. Flying gives me a broader perspective of my circumstances. Above it all, whatever “it” is, it’s not that big.

 Here at 10,000+ feet, in the stillness, my prayers rise sincerest and true. The outcome? Peace and a sudden calm with surging strength with increased faith that everything will be ok.

“…those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles…” Isaiah 40:30