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Early Years

Can you believe that I was only 9 years old when I was first challenged to speak in front of an audience? Thanks to my 4th-grade teacher’s encouragement, that started something I could never imagine. I went on to win local school and regional public school competitions all the while God had richer plans for my life.

I delivered my first sermon at 16 years old after great mentorship from phenomenal individuals in my local church. To my surprise, the Lord used me at that tender age to inspire others to take life-giving steps toward triumph.

However, I did not even conceive then, that as a woman, I would one day devote my life to full-time Gospel ministry – living to share the voice God has given me to uplift burdened hearts.

After high school, I pursued my then passion, to become a physical therapist. Providence would lead me to attend Andrews University in Michigan where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Physiology, Summa Cum Laude, and went on to complete the Physical Therapy program, graduating as class chaplain, with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy among the top in my class.

I thoroughly enjoyed my days helping to restore people’s bodies and hearts as I assisted them to rehabilitate in the intensive care unit, acute care, in-patient rehabilitation, out-patient rehabilitation, and in out-patient orthopedic care. I had the chance to work with amazing people. However, soon I heard God’s call to more.

From Physical Therapist to Pastor

Unable to rest or find peace, I continued to pray and study to understand the “call” I was sensing from God to study theology. Now tired of school and happy to be gainfully employed, I had not anticipated that my journey would lead me right back to school, this time in the seminary as a Master of Divinity student. It was then, as a seminary student, I found great peace. I often wondered where God would lead me, but I learned the importance of just taking one step at a time, and following the last instruction I heard. Six years later, I accepted a full-time position as an associate pastor on Chicago’s South Side.

Falling in Love

After a few months as an associate, I was entrusted with my own district of churches in Indianapolis. This phase of my journey would be filled with so many surprises, challenges, and turns, one could not have foreseen, but God knew. One surprise? I got married to my friend and love Shawn, who I met engaging in young adult ministry in Chicago 10 years prior! However, soon our wedding bliss turned tragic before we hit the 2-year mark, and we were hurled into the greatest test of our faith, our life, and our love.


My first book, The Fight For My Life: What I Discovered As I Triumphed Through Tragedy , tells the story of what happened. I wrote it because I felt deeply impressed I should share it as a book, and others would be helped through their adversities by hearing our story. Once again, I have been pleasantly amazed by what God is doing with our story. It has already crossed the globe bringing hope to many that are hurting.

I guess I have gotten the writing ich, because another book has been birthed out of my experience, a devotional prayer journal that is the companion personal growth guide to The Fight For My Life.

My Passion

If you were to ask me, “Tricia, what is your passion?” I would tell you I desperately love God, and as imperfect as I am, I love to do my part to help others be restored, and empowered by God’s love.

Official Bio

Tricia Wynn Payne is a sought after international Christian speaker and preacher, who has enjoyed sharing life transforming messages of encouragement, empowerment and hope for over 20 years. Inspired by suffering life threatening complications after undergoing a minor outpatient procedure, she now seeks to empower individuals to take the limits off and live to their purposed potential in her preaching, writing, coaching and teaching. Currently, she serves as the Women’s Ministries Director of the Lake Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the Lead Pastor of Conant Gardens SDA Church in Detroit Michigan.
She transitioned from a nine-year career as physical therapist to serve full time in pastoral ministry because of her passion to inspire others with the life empowering message of God’s love. As a pastor, she has initiated innovative youth and young adult focused ministries, developed community partnerships, and outreach programs to assist underprivileged, at risk and refugee populations.
While conducting young adult outreach in Chicago Illinois, she met Kansas City Missouri native Shawn Payne, who would later become the love of her life and husband.

Let’s Triumph Through Together

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