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About the Book

The Fight for My Life:
What I Discovered as I Triumphed Through Tragedy

Once the doctors reset her heart, Pastor Tricia Wynn Payne and her husband Shawn had no idea their battle to save her life was only beginning. What was supposed to be a simple outpatient procedure created medical issues that snowballed out of control and placed Tricia in a series of complicated life or death situations. She went from independent, medication-free, and healthy, to bedridden, heavily dosed by a variety of life-supporting medications, with lines and tubes hanging from every direction.
When she felt she was too weak to hold on, the presence of her husband Shawn gave her the strength to fight for her life, her marriage, and the beautiful love that God had given her.
In this page-turning story, Pastor Tricia summoned her spiritual connection and got closer to God as she triumphed through tragedy. In doing so, she discovered some invaluable lessons that gave her the will to survive, hoping that others will learn to lean on God even in their darkest hours.

”Placing yourself in another’s shoes can be frightening, but walking with Tricia through the harrowing fight of her life can test the very mettle of your own soul. Her amazing ascent from this crowning experience won’t fail to challenge your faith to rise as well!”

Joel Kibble

Multi-Grammy Award-winning member of Take 6

About the Author

Tricia Wynn Payne

is a sought after international Christian speaker and preacher, who has enjoyed sharing life transforming messages of encouragement, empowerment and hope for over 20 years. Inspired by suffering life threatening complications after undergoing a minor outpatient procedure, she now seeks to advance the restoration of individuals facing adversity in all phases of life.
She transitioned from a nine-year career as physical therapist to serve full time in pastoral ministry because of her passion to inspire others with the life empowering message of God’s love. As a pastor, she has initiated innovative youth and young adult focused ministries, developed community partnerships, and outreach programs to assist underprivileged, at risk and refugee populations.
While conducting young adult outreach in Chicago Illinois, she met Kansas City Missouri native Shawn Payne, who would later become the love of her life and husband. Together they reside in Metro Detroit Michigan.

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